Scorpio Season (Happy Birthday) Birthday Lyrics appropriate for the mood!!

Scorpio Season

I miss posting on a regular, some things got me a little busy in the world that pays the bills.

However, when possible I read many of you guy’s postings and get a little excited. I have tried to keep up with Kayla Lords, Southern Sir Place, Accidental Masturbator, EDDAZ, emmeline peaches, Simply Stella, Floss Does Life, Braeden Michaels and The Used Life. You guys keep me entertained, interested, reflecting, and questioning how I would handle some situations and, inspired, thank you for your continued posts. There are plenty of others bloggers that I have not mentioned, but I do thank you as well. Once I get over this little hump I can splash a couple of poems and stories on my blog!!!!

Scorpio season is here and sadly will be ending next week. However I could not let my favorite Horoscope season come and go without me acknowledging all the SEXY SCORPIOS out amongst us. Including MOI of course!!! At the stroke of midnight will be ANGELICA FETISHES DAY!!!!

I hope you all are having A SEXILICIOUS BIRTHDAY!!!!



Watching You, Watching Me by the Pool.

Watching you, watching me by the pool.

Taming Sexual Kismet

Sexuality on Fire

Taming the Fire

Taming that beast

Training the Beast

Beastly Appetite

Powerful Lust

Bitten by Siren

Siren is me

Kink fest

The Art of Kink

Enormous Appeal


Alluring Attitudes

Manipulate me

Manipulate you

I’m audacious

I’m sublime

I’m Mrs. good time

Work me now

Work me clever

In the sex games

Challenge defeat me never

Use you

Play your role

My abilities will

Take over

Just Control

Just me sitting

Contemplating my thoughts


Watching you

Watching me by the pool

©️Angelica Fetishes DR


That savvy slick and charismatic tongue, he has a way with words because goal is to make you cum.

What is it, what is it,

About those men in the south,

They dream of thee

To touch and fulfill those needs.

Florida man wants to taste the sweet juices and rub on the peach.

He waits in room 2018,

He standing there dressed in a gray slacks, white collared shirt, and Pink Paisley tie

He’s is eager to please her sexual desires and shower her with gifts.

His game is seduction

He aims to win

An Extreme Siren is what he wants to have

Slay her, tie her

Someone he doesn’t have to share or give half

He just gets to relax and play it cool

Welcome to Mistress and Seductress SCHOOL


©️Angelica Fetishes

Dropping it on Psych

This coffee going down my throat almost feels like a boost of energy. It’s a busy day in the psych unit. All the beds in the entire unit were filled up within twenty-four hours. There are two patients in hallway leaning up against the wall one staring deep into the cracks on the wall the other screaming for mood stabilizer. . Others are watching TV or resting in their beds. Many of the patients will need their medications as well as physical assistance to bathroom or bathing. It’s a day of unhappy campers, let’s see if we can make their day better. The nurses are about to start making their rounds by getting everyone’s vitals. Hot damn; Nurse Hunter belts out. This day just got better. I turn to look down the corridor as Dr. Clare start walking through the unit doors. Dr. Clare is a hot as ever, his body is chiseled in all the right places with his tight ass Princeton University t-shirt. He stands about 5”11 and truly blessed with striking good looks. This fucking man radiates with blessing of a stunning masculine God. He is like our very own live Times Square billboard underwear model. The woman on the unit mouths opened and nearly drooling at the crack of their lips. Just as I finished that thought, Dr. Clare opens the door to the nurses station and stroll’s in like slow motion baby sending chills through me. Some of the ladies are biting their bottom lip. Hunter is fanning her upper quadrant with a patients chart saying Daaaaaaaaaammn. I start to turn my cup of Java down as my purple matte lipstick peels from my lips and sticks on to the lid of the cup.

The silence is felt, It’s almost like that 2007 Coca-Cola commercial titled the Diet Coke Break, the one with all the women in the office meeting at the window to watch the construction workers in the lot across the street take their shirts off and flex those incredible muscular abs and pecs.

We all say Good morning Dr. Clare in this harmonious sync. It sounded almost like a rehearsed chorus song. At the end of our melody, he stated good morning ladies and Cisco. Cisco is our metrosexual male nurse that stares at Dr. Clare as if he is in his own erotic doctor patient role-play.

Dr. Clare is not overly muscular, but just perfectly defined with biceps and pectorals that you just want to sink your teeth into. He wears tortoise style prescribed glasses that just fit his face frame impeccably. Rumor has it that Dr. titillating is married with five children.

But it’s not confirmed. There were always outspoken thoughts when it came to Dr. Clare. Once Hunter states she could see him having five or even ten children, she said, “hell I would drop my panties whenever and wherever he asked. She said who the FUCK could SAY NO TO THAT!” All of us laughed our asses off.

Dr. Clare does not act as if he is a sex god that woman would worship. He is quiet and laid back; he only talks about patients and not much of a sense of humor. Definitely, does not possess the skills.

Everyone knows how much I like to flirt; I’m a freaking Scorpio it’s my nature. But I don’t with the eye candy of the unit. He’s not great at it. Well shit, he does not have to talk, he just has to parade around us in that tight Princeton T-shirt, how hard is that?

Well as the day goes on, we were dealing with a couple of close calls. Patients refusing to take their medications, and fighting nurses and other staff every inch of the way to go against their treatment plans. Hunter said we are running out of blankets, I yelled I will run to the second floor to get some. At the end of my response, I was wondering what the hell I was thinking. The second floor is deserted and here I go volunteering to go down to that creepy floor.

I started to head downstairs, I entered the unit very slowly. When I got near the linen closet I could hear someone walking towards me.

I freaked out , panic was kicking in. I started to think omg this is like some freaking serial killer horror film, where the black girls always gets killed first. Just as I was trying to hide, Dr.Clare sneaks up behind me, I almost punch him. I said Dr. Clare you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing down here? He said I thought I give you a hand with the blankets. I started laugh, he looked at me with confusion bleeding out of his face. Oh your serious, I said. As I reached for the blanket our hands met at the top of the blanket. My eyes traced from his hands following all the way up to his arms then to his neck and face. He said I hear all the talk you and the ladies do but you don’t think that I can hear. Let me let you in on a little secret, I can. I started to panic with humiliation oh god he going to start a sexual harassment file on me with HR. Note to self; lower our voices in the nurses station.

Then out of nowhere I was blind-sided, I was startled by his quick approach, his lip somehow touched mine, they were pressed against them firmly, I couldn’t gasp for air. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t know how to respond to Dr. Clare, I thought what the hell is his game plan. After all that talk I did around the ladies, I froze.

Then Dr.Clare leaned in to kiss my purple lips

I hesitated I’m a little anxious. I started to speak but couldn’t form complete sentences, Hell I couldn’t form a complete word. I thought what the hell am I saying

This is the most opportune time to let my freak flag fly. I threw all caution to the wind and said fuck it!

I continued to kiss Dr. Clare as he grabbed me by the neck and shoved his tongue in my mouth omg his kisses were perfection. They were not heavy with saliva but just enough wetness. I started panting, I’m in freaking heat. It was becoming hot and heavy then the salacious doctor whispers in my ear I have thought about you this way for awhile. I decided to act on it after listening to you talk with the ladies. I could care less what got us here, I just wanted to tastes the forbidden fruit. You can tell by now, I loosened up. We were moving completely fast, we didn’t have much time.

The doctor lifts up both my arms and glides his hand down my arms towards my armpits and then he pulls of my purple scrubs top and lowered his face to my breast gently and smells them and then he takes his right finger as he plucked my left nipple out the tip of my bra. He takes some concentrated licks on them. Then he opened his mouth wide I could feel cool air as his mouth approaches my nipple. Once his mouth became engulfed with my breast it became warm and wet.

He spits on my tits and lapped up every single bit. It shocked the hell out of me this freaking doctor getting a little frisky.

My panties started to gain so much moisture. I wanted to take over this examination but the doctor was in control. Which is unusual for me to relinquish but I did.

Dr. Clare disrobed my bottom scrubs and licked the crotch of my panties. He said yum your wet and ready for me, perfect.

He began to moan mmmm your pussy smells so good I want to devour it.

He places me up on the unit desk.The surface is hard and cold against my bum.

Next he places my left leg up on the desk as the other one dangles over.

He slid down to the floor, slide my black g-string to the side. I began to hiss and then moan so loud, he came up north and kiss me so hard. He grabbed my hand help me off the desk and turn me around to face the desk. He bent me over and like a little doggie waiting for their master I did. He stands behind me and pulls my panties down. He slightly bends down and licks the crack of my ass to the nape of my back. I whispered what the hell are you doing to me I’m so freaking aroused I feel like I’m about to explode. He said not yet as he spread my legs open and pulled down his ocean blue scrubs down to his ankles. Without warning he shoved his dick in me. I tried like hell to hold in my screams

But they came belching out across the empty corridors

We were moving so quickly we didn’t have much time. Staff members will start to send out the search squad.

The doctor was trying to take in every bit of this sexcapade. He slowly glances over my body and he held my waist tightly to get a good grip. He pounces inside me hard, uh oh this dick is feeling good, then he brings me closer to him

He slows his rhythm down and leans in closer to my back then sniff my hair and skin. Ok this doctor has some type of Fetish, olfactophilia comes to mind. All of a sudden he grabs me by the throat I barely grasp for air, what the fuck

How did he know I would like that shit. Then he pressed his lips up against my back. His thrust became deeper with each stroke. I could feel his narrow lip prints on my back. Those kisses were all over my back, he was all over me with that wet tongue. He whispered with a force, I’m going to bust, he pulled out just in time to shoot all over my newly Brazilian waxed Kitty Kat. He reaches behind me to grab a wash clothes to clean me off. He pulled up his scrubs and dressed me back to my full attire. He grabbed my face and kissed me firmly. All of a sudden a loud voice from the PA system calling a CODE GREY in the PCU. Oh shit someone is being violent on my unit, the doctor and I ran to attend the situation.

I’m in a daze, I turn my head the light is bright in my eyes, my face stuck to the vinyl couch , there is dribble of saliva out the corner of my mouth, hair clinging to my neck with perspiration. I look down at my left hand in bra, cupping my breast and right hand grabbing my crotch. Nurse Hunter loud voice of the PA system calling CODE GREY in PCU 3x. Oh sugar honey ice tea I just realized I’m at work. Damn that was an exciting dream. Jumped of the couch and ran to the front of the unit skin all flushed as I sprint pass Dr. Clare.