I miss Sex Talk with the Girls

This month I had a challenge for a small group of friends to self pleasure at least twice a week. This was a far reaching challenge but my male amigos did not disappoint.

I feel like a proud mama of masturbation, it was if they enjoyed these challenges and seemed to seek my approval. Of course they had their running jokes of my participation. Lol.

I didn’t do so bad myself. Maybe if I spent less time with my solo operation, than I could have written more and posted to my blog this month. 😂

The woman did not do quite so well. Some wouldn’t even talk about it. I felt like I was shoved into a grave of sin as I looked up everyone holding hands trying to rebuke my masturbatory ideals with some cult chant.

This of course made me miss my two female friends. We had girls sex talk with wine all the time. It was as if we lived for those talks. We got into gritty details and I love it.

Currently I have no females in my life like that now.

I miss it!!

I miss them.

Well I hope you all in ended your Masturbation month with a bang

And if you set any challenges or goals I hope you met them!!!!



Closet Floor

When I Strip down

Toss my clothes to the floor

I give so much more

Heels or bare foot

No matter the lower attire

My moves spark up

and Escalate pyre

Between those groins

It’s engorged with bliss

I touch myself

I’m filled with glee

Thank the Gods no one is able to see the inner me

I shield you from exposing myself

It’s solidarity when playing with oneself

In the closet and on the floor

I pull out my porn

And close the door

I sit panty less and legs cocked open

The slippery lips feel thick and like satin

But Kit Kat is a fire beast, a dragon

It’s essential to meet her demands

Electric device is pulsating on my clit

Her frothy fluids about to explode, this is it

When all is done and said

I open the door and crawl back to my bed

Masturbation Funday!!


Spill it, Your Favorite Masturbation Scenes

What is your favorite masturbation discussion or scene on a movie or TV show. Here are a couple of mine. These caught my eye just because of the delivery of the content. If you ask me about the rest of the show or movie, who the hell knows. I may not have even watched it.  It’s what catches my eyes catches my attention!!!!










Self Explore

Self Explore

I woke up this morning thinking of you

I stayed home just be with you

We take care of each other

I grew fond of you

You leave me titillating and excited

The least bit blue

I sneak around just for us to be alone

At one time or another

Our cover was almost blown

Sharing these moment never entered my mind

Am I possessive

I touch you

It’s sends me tickled ready to burst

As my digits run through her coat of skin

There’s nothing dirty

I don’t call it sin

It just me and her and a gratifying grin

All alone she gives me power

To moan on my own

To use my electrical mate and devour

To leave me enjoying my creamy essence

I go to bed thinking of you.

Let Masturbation Month Beeeeegiiiiiin!!!!