End of the Week Paraphilia: Retifism


Retifism: sexual arousal from shoes

Who doesn’t enjoy shoe play!

Feel more aroused when playing shoes that make you feel hot!! Below are some lickable shoes.


All I Demand (Dominatrix and Submissive Session)


All I demand

You bring masking tape

Bondage rope

And a mask

This is pretty simple

Just do all I ask

You step out of line

I bring you down to my knees

Tie you down and give you just what you need

Between us both you get excited

By being my bitch

I control all of you

When I turn on your submissive switch

When I strap it on

You lick it like I please

You got it at the tip of your mouth

Oh shit be careful

ooooo your about to sneeze

Aaaahh back in the groove were about to get

I lube up and spread your cheeks

Just a little bit

I stroke your dick with one hand

And grip your butt with the other

I make you feel so elated

You call out mistress with a stutter

I know I handle my business

Because you’re always coming back for more

I send you home in frenzy

Within a couple of days

You’re back at my front door

Mistress denies you the pain and pleasure

You request

The session this time has to end

The next one you will feel even more relief and not so oppress

©DR Angelica Fetishes

Angelica Fetishes Day


Angelica Fetishes Day (Scorpio Season)

In keeping with the Scorpio season

Were usually masters at pleasing

Offer pleasure in bedroom

or when passengers in a vroom vroom!

There moments Scorpio like it

Quick and fast

But Scorpio’s are trained to make it last

Today is Angelica Fetishes Day

Please go all out and celebrate

Make it kinky

Do something new

Act like it’s all your Birthday too!!!

End of the Week Paraphilia: Iantronudia


Iantronudia is :having some form of arousal when attending medical on for the sole purpose of arousal from exposing oneself to a physician usually by faking an ailment. There are some sexy doctors in medical land hmm can I become attracted to them enough to just schedule an appointment for no medical reason.  But if I get a chance to just be naked or in stirrups for pure excitement of engaging in some kinky fantasy sex, with a hot sex ass Doctor, hell yeah I would! 

Angelic Slut 




I can be a savage

I can be a beast

You wanna bring out the worst in me


I allow you to examine my body

Your not authorize for my mind

But you wanna be greedy

And take all

This time

When I play

I don’t play for keeps

When I misbehave

I take big leaps

My colorful kisses are amazing and taste exquisite

Once I stop planting them

You’re guaranteed to miss it

I’m an angelic slut

Being a seductress it’s in my personality, thoughts and touch

Is it a hardship being who I’ am and

Not being all I need

But I’m never the type to turn my back and leave

I Know

I Know

I crave Submission

I crave Dominance

I crave Kinky Bliss

I’m talented in that room

I know you get the gist

I can be savage

I can be a Beast

You bring out the worst but fun in me

©DR Angelica Fetishes