End of the Week Paraphilia 

Oops almost forgot!!!

End of the Week Paraphilia

Apodysophilia: desire to undress arousal.

Too easy right…


Sex in is the Bloom

Sex is in the bloom

Clothes on the floor in the room

Your at the bottom of my wild thoughts 

Your mouth on my lower lips 

Your eager to please

But you tell others different

Instead how much 

you love being on your knees

I’m the Dom Mistress and 

I tell you What I want 

You never go back to others 

if they were like me

so blunt, blunt, blunt 

But for 1093 days you came back for the abuse 

You beam those poison eyes 

when I say 

I would never commit to you 

I like the sex and raunchiness 


We just go covert and have our own escapade

Let’s call it what it is

A spade is a spade

Sex is in the bloom