Are Men Predictable?


Men are

Are men as simple as:

Feed them

Need them

Freak them

This movie I watched a couple of weeks ago popped in my head. The guy in the movie told his female friend that guys are very simple in what they want.

Those are:

To keep that palette interesting and the belly full. I know some of us women have no chance of that because we are challenged in that department  or just do not like to cook. But I bet there are ways to get them to look past that flaw.

The next one is to need them, to let them know that you desire them sexually , that your still attracted to them in every way. You need to look him in his eyes and actually let the words flow out of your mouth how much your turned on by their efforts to keep themselves in shape and looking good. The time that they take to groom themselves, is appreciated.

The last one is to freak him. Always come up with ways to blow his mind sexually. Be that freak that he wants. Play sexual games, tie each other up or play strip poker. Wear something outlandish that he has never seen you in before. Or something that he never would have thought you would wear. Go to a hotel room every now and then, surprisenly throw him up against a window and give him the best head you ever gave him.

I think that there are more than just three needs of man. All men are not the same. I think a very important need of a male is for him to be respected in private and  publicly as well.
These are Angelica Fetishes vacation thoughts all the way from Mrytle Beach.


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