Cassie’s Play ground

Section 1

She realizes that she is coming into her own now. Of course a late bloomer but never the less she’s dancing to the sound of her own music. Cassie recognized early on in life that people always felt comfortable talking to her about their personal lives. Which included discussions about, relationships, marriage, sex, and extended members of the family. (eg. In-laws and step-children) All of those subjects are so personal and Cassie cherished each one when they were shared with her. When Cassie realized this was her calling; she was a supervisor at a bank, and one of clients that shared with Cassie pretty often suggested she switch careers and become a therapist instead. She began searching for programs right away in the therapy field. Cassie noticed that she has always been curious about what makes people tick. But most of all, how people relate to one another. Her most favorite subjects were of the intimate kind, and how men and women involved in a relationship could  relate and evolve together. This peaked Cassie’s interest in more ways than one. She was fascinated by the gay, lesbians, bisexual transgender and polyamory relationships as well. Cassie is proud that she was raised to be non-judgmental and a  very open minded individual. This says a lot about Cassie because her sexual world is not a traditional one. Cassie feels empowered by her sexual nature. Cassie has these strong desires to feed her sexual appetite and to open new doors in which she  is  uncharacteristically like herself. This was a behavior that was unbeknownst to her. Hold on to your seat, Cassie’s adventures has become the ride of her life.


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