Cassie’s Playground

Section 2

Cassie’s Playground 
Cassie is sitting in a very popular book store in a mall. As she sits on the bench by the window she glanced outside at the parking lot as if she was looking for something or someone.

 Cassie began reading the psychology magazine she swiped from the bookstore rack, when these black Under Armour tactical work boots appeared in front of her. As her eyes began to stroll up she noticed a pair of legs in black cargo pants. Her eyes strolled even further up, until she met eye to eye with a fair skin Latino man standing in front of her. He had a musclebound body physique that many woman would want as their playground. His head is completely shaved bald with a semi glossed shine. His beard neatly trimmed with a sexy and masculine touch kind of like that King Leonidas in 300. 

He reached out for Cassie’s hand and pulled her to an upright on her feet. He brushed his lips against hers hard; it was if he was breathing his very essence of life into her. He took Cassie by the hand and began to walk toward the main area of the mall. 

They began walking through the mall then Cassie’s kinky mind was sparked. She started walking to toward the bathroom, she pushed her hot sexy beau into the family bathroom and began feeling him up. She lifted up his black t-shirt that shaped his bulging pecs. Cassie started sucking on his sexy nipples that were perky and hard. He began kissing her on neck and then he ripped her panties off and pressed his body against hers. He move her forward towards the sink. He then bends Cassie over the bathroom sink, he lifts her dress and runs his hands down her soft ass. He took his two fingers and gently placed them in Cassie’s wet pussy. Cassie began moaning as if she is in heat. He wanted to stick his thick rod in her wet Kit Kat. But he was apprehensive about fucking in the public restroom. He was worried that he would be recognized as police officer, who was having sex in public establishment. Cassie whispered in his ear to loosen up; now come get this Kitty Kat. Her beau called Cassie by her full name, Cassiopeia Brooke Holden you are so fucking hot when you’re taking charge. As usual Cassie gave him a sex treat that rocked his world. She squatted on the floor and sucked his cohiba as she stroked it with a tight grip. Spit all over that rod and made it all wet. He felt strange about the whole scenario and the possibilities of getting busted by the public due to his job to protect and serve. In Cassie’s whispers in his head your protecting and servicing me. He was still too nervous to relax and cum.
To be continued 

Signing off

A Fetish


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