Replenish My Own Damn Cup


Replenish My Own Damn Cup
There comes a time in everyone’s life where you are like fuck you and everything that you do and what your about. 
When enough is enough 

When you cater to someone and everyone else’s need and leave your needs wayside. 

When people forget about the promises they made with you.
When they were never loyal to you, but you are always loyal to them, that it was like fucking over kill the loyalty you expressed time and time again. 

It’s hard when your employment is taking care of others, then you come home to take care others, then you have the audacity to take care of others outside of your home and your job.
What the F***

This is why your cup is constantly empty

No one ever replenishes it for you, you don’t even fill it your damn self.

Moving forward I will replenish what’s needed, and will be rocking to my own damn agenda’s.

Now I fill the cup for only two little people that need me to fill their cup.

To everyone else it’s deuces ✌🏽


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