Anniversary? What Anniversary?

So I just had a thought to put out in the universe 

does it mean anything if neither parties; husband or wife remembered that it was their wedding anniversary.

After 13 years of marriage and remembering every year and this year it was forgotten.

What triggered this post is the mechanical billboard I saw on my way to see a client.

It read:

I Love You Fran

Happy 14th Aniversary .

 It’s funny how you forget those things , that your so wrapped up in life or the lack of disconnections, that you no longer make those efforts to spark what you once had

Signing off


3 thoughts on “Anniversary? What Anniversary?

  1. L says:

    Sometimes life gets in our way. I know men tend to just go about life as if every thing is ok. She won’t mind if I forgot. But women mind and need to be felt special. I’ve been looking at things from a new angel. I hope you let him know that it’s not ok and help him be there to make your relationship special again.

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