He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Me

Another coversation with my friend that has been a well discussed conversation among girl talk.

We tend to feel better about ourselves when our hair is on fleek (perfection) and our bodies are improving because we are taking care of them and working them out.

Since my new Hair do and the ass has gotten tighter , my man can’t keep his hands off me. The compliments have been rolling off the tongue. Don’t get me wrong he always complimented me. But now it’s  with fierce intensity. But I have to play a little hard to get for the moment until I get the green light from Dr. B.

I brought this up because, as women we should always keep up our appearances. When we look good we feel good and confident about ourselves. You don’t have to be validated by a man or anyone else. But the attention is appreciated.

When you feel that you look good you will feel sexy and then it will be red light district in the bedroom. Lol

Especially when the kids are away🍹❤️😜😜😍😍😘😘

Always keep up what makes you feel and look your best. Sometimes it’s fun to post that sexy pic on social media.

I think I will…

Off to the gym I go!!!!

Singing off

A Fetish


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