Needy, Needy, Needy

I recently return from a trip to San Francisco that was about 20 years overdue; to renew a sisterhood bond that appears to never been broken. I hope this relationship stays that way. I have not been successful in the sisterhood department.However, during this bonding there were long talks about sex and relationships with a little intake of alcohol of course. We have come to the conclusion we as women need to be very aware and vigilant about the perceptions we cast out into the universe, and in our relationships. Do we appear to needy at times, are we worthy of doing the selecting and not waiting to be selected. Why do we eager to believe what it said to us from our counterparts. Are we so gullible that we take heed to all that we are told without the actions to back it up. Why are we so thirsty that we drink the dirty salt water. Don’t get me wrong, I know women are smart and strong and are resilient. But we fall prey to what is not real, and time and time again women are sitting on the sidelines allowing themselves to get hurt. According to Dr. Laura Schlessinger; we are motivated by unrealistic drives and primal needs related to yearnings for a paradise-never-visited in childhood. We are so in need of that desperate attention that we have somehow lacked in our lives at some point, that we continue to eat the spew of non sense that’s thrown our way.

This is the game of the mating world, and it has gone on for years. So it’s not a surprise that I’m finding more and more women making statements that they are no longer looking for love. At this point it’s either financial stability or hot sex. Sometimes engaging in sex clouds our judgement, and leads us into murky waters. Then those pesky things called emotions, drift us so far out in those waters that we need a life raft to return to our sanity. I find that we never trust our gut instincts and we turn out be right, well I often turn out to be right. Lol. But seriously very often I’m right about my own relationships as well as those of my friends and family members.
I find that other people will listen to me before I listen to myself.

Well I can go on about this topic for days, but I will stop here and return to discuss further in depth.

Signing off

Angelica Fetishes


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