Friendship Killer


This week has me thinking substantially about friendships and family.This week my love ones have suffered a terrrible loss and Im surrounded by so much sadness my heart is heavy.I’m reminded how short life really is
However, This post is focused on friendships and This Tuesday was my former best friend birthday due to reasons of thier own our friendship no longer exist. This is the first birthday that I was not apart of. Because time has moved on, so will I.
In light of this situation
I began to remember the fun birthday celebrations we had the laughs and smiles that busted out faces. Those moments I will continue to remember.
Within one year I lost two friendships that were important to me. The other ended  due to foreseen circumstances. It was expected to end, but how it ended was not expected. Although we no longer communicate. I care for them both and wish for them happiness
I want one to be open to find love and the other to love the one their with, and that they also receive love back.
So I feel the need to say this because if you truly have good geniune friends do not let others or differences come between you. Hold on to those friendships as tight as you can.

Sending Hugs out into the world..


Cassie’s Playground


Cassie’s Playground

Section 3

During mother’s day weekend Cassie took a trip Atlanta to attend a family function. As she was heading back home to New York, she met a distinguishing looking man. As she walks to her seat at the back of the plane her eyes were fixed on him and she noticed that her seating was somewhere in the back of the plane in the vicinity of his. As she proceeded to her seat,  it was in the very last row of the plane, a little sequestered area of the plane.

Sitting in those back seats was this military guy. He is a tall Caucasian man about 6’2 she notice the man in the military fatigues before they boarded the plane. But she did not get a good look him. Cassiopeia was more focused on getting a seat on the flight. One of Cassie’s relatives worked for an airline and got her employee discounted seating, however the catch is you can be bumped from the flight if it is booked with employees of the airlines, or flyers that paid full price for their tickets. They all  would get priority seating on the plane. Once Cassie realized she had seating on the plane her attention was elsewhere like on yummier things. When his eyes glanced over at Cassie, this elaborate smile gleamed across his face. Cassie reciprocated with a smile and once she got to her seating which was adjacent to his, The military guy greeted her with an overzealous hello. Cassie once again responded to this military officer salutation by saying hello, how are you? The officer stated that he was great this morning. He asked Cassie if her final destination was Charlotte North Carolina. Cassie responded no her final destination is New York. He seemed fascinated that she was New York girl. He stated his name was Sam and as she extended out her hand to shake his. She said it’s nice to meet you Sam, I’m Cassie. Cassie asked what branch of service are you in. Sam responded: the Army. Cassie got real close to Sam and leaned in and said thank you for continued service and protecting our country in a her soft sultry voice. Sam responded with your welcome. Sam had these intriguing blue eyes and reddish hair. He boasted that he was a drill sergeant. Whoa that peaked Cassie interest even more all she could think of was how he would bark sexual orders at her! Cassie learned that a drill sergeant is the most highest of honors for a noncommissioned officer. He teaches new recruits every fundamental Basic Combat Training. Sam showed Cassie his drill sergeant hat. Which had a special encasement, the hat looked dark green and closely resembles a park rangers. Nevertheless it was sexy and just the thought of Sam on the base at the crack of dawn disrupting those new recruits sleep by barking orders had her aroused. Cassie felt a little wetness in her panties. The plane is finally ready for takeoff and now the cabin is dark. It is 5:00am and time to head to its  this flight final destination. Cassie sat back in her seat to rest. She notice that all passengers tried to get comfortable as possible to drift off to sleep for this one hour and thirty minute trip. Cassie had other things in mind that she could do for those ninety minutes. She wondered how she could best honor this officer by showing her appreciation for protecting our country. Welcome to Cassie’s world!!! She touched the drill sergeants’ knee as she talked with him about what he would like to do after he is retired from the military. Cassie noticed that the drill sergeant started looking at her lips as if he wanted to bite them. He wanted to lip lock with Cassie. Sam thought her lips look sensational and wanted them on his. Cassie realized they were in the last row of seating on the plane; she was mesmerized by his eyes and the shape of mouth. His lips appeared to be full. How exhilarating would they be on her clit. She moved close to Sam as she could feel his breathe against her lips. His breath smelled of spearmint gum. His warm spearmint breath against hers filled Cassie with excitement she leaned in and kissed him. Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss that can only get heated from there. She began grabbing at his knot in his military fatigues. Cassie thought whoa what a knot in Sam’s pants. It’s terrible to let a good salute go to waste. Sam placed the airline blanket over Cassie lap and he reached under the blanket and under Cassie’s denim dress he pulled her panties off. He began to slide his big fingers inside Cassie’s Kit Kat. Cassie began moaning so low, those fingers felt so invigorating. Cassie tried to control her moans and noises, as those fingers got wet touching the walls of her vagina. Cassie thought, if his fingers felt that good, his dick must be amazing. Cassie has become mungry (Man Hungry) it’s been awhile since her last fuck session.

Cassie asked if they should take this party to the bathroom. Cassie went in the bathroom first she looked around at the confined area and thought shit there is no space for them to fuck. She also realized she left her purse with her condoms back at her seat. Well she could not fuck him without one so she went back to her seat. Sam was very surprised that she returned so soon. She whispered that the fun wrap was in her purse so they could not continue in the bathroom. Sam slid out of his chair on the narrow space on the floor in front of Cassie and slides her dress up and placed his head under her dress and began to lick her thighs, creeping his way to the lips of her pussy. Cassie let out a huge moan, she noticed that another passenger was peeking from the side and watching them. Sam mouth felt so warm and delightful as he slides his tongue with long strokes across her pleasure flesh. Cassie’s clitoris was so engorged and stimulated she’s ready to burst. Cassie came all over Sam’s mouth. Cassie felt this overwhelming wetness in her panties it was drenched, Cassie opened her eyes and looked to her left and there was Sam sleeping with his head tilting towards the window. She looked to her right and this man is glaring at her from his seat. She realized that she was in deep sleep and having a hot sexual dream about Sam. The plane landed Cassie and Sam said goodbye, Cassie ran to catch her next flight to New York with sex on the brain. Hmm who would be Cassie actual sex target?

Stay tuned for More of Cassie’s Playground!




Which One Is Polyamorous?


Test your skills which one of these relationships do you believe or think was living polyamorous?

There are 3 Couples which one of these 3 do you believe or you think was living the polyamorous life?

Couple #1

A single female in a 7 year relationship  with a male who is married to another women for 19 years. His wife is completely aware of his relationship with this woman. She feels some type of way about her husband engaging in what appears to be a loving, sexual relationship. She has also engaged in a sexual relationship with another man but very limited. She has tolerated this relationship because of a bigger personal agenda that this relationship will bring.


Couple # 2

Both Husband and Wife are married to each other for 17 Years. The husband engage in a sexual relationship outside of the marriage for 3 years. With no other intent except for a sexually explicit relationship with the other woman. The wife engages in a sexual relationship as well for over two years. She as well had no intent of being more than just involved with this person sexually. The husband and wife both were very aware of their extra sexual relations for the duration they existed but neither party acknowledge those relationships.


Couple # 3

This couple is married to each other for over 12 years. The wife engages in a sexual friendship outside of the marriage for over 3 years with another man beside her husband. She openly admits this relationship with her husband and that she cares for the person in this relationship. The husband on the other hand openly engages in a sexual relationship as well. He engages in sex with a woman one or twice a year. They are both fully aware of the extra relationships. Those extra relationships was also used as a tool for arousal methods for both wife and husband.


Do You Know What Polyamory is ?

Which one of these relationships depict the Polyamorous lifestyle?




I’am Me


I don’t need anyone to silence me

I don’t need anyone to tell me how to think

I don’t need anyone to tell me how to feel

I don’t need you to persuade  me to think what you want me to think

I don’t need you to persuade me to feel what you think I should feel 

I don’t need you to justify who I’am 

I’am me I will always have a opinion

I’am me I will always confront you

I’am me I will never bow down or pretend to be something I’m not

I’am me I love to be loved

I love to be me

                     -Angelica Fetishes