Friendship Killer

This week has me thinking substantially about friendships and family.This week my love ones have suffered a terrrible loss and Im surrounded by so much sadness my heart is heavy.I’m reminded how short life really is
However, This post is focused on friendships and This Tuesday was my former best friend birthday due to reasons of thier own our friendship no longer exist. This is the first birthday that I was not apart of. Because time has moved on, so will I.
In light of this situation
I began to remember the fun birthday celebrations we had the laughs and smiles that busted out faces. Those moments I will continue to remember.
Within one year I lost two friendships that were important to me. The other ended  due to foreseen circumstances. It was expected to end, but how it ended was not expected. Although we no longer communicate. I care for them both and wish for them happiness
I want one to be open to find love and the other to love the one their with, and that they also receive love back.
So I feel the need to say this because if you truly have good geniune friends do not let others or differences come between you. Hold on to those friendships as tight as you can.

Sending Hugs out into the world..

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