More Music More Sex


More Music More Sex

I read an article the other day that began to make me wonder about the role that music plays in my life, as well as others. . When I’m alone, I will turn it on in my home and dance it out in my underwear, when I’m in my car I blast it out of my car windows. I’m known for disturbing the peace. Music moves me on every occasion or aspect of my life. So it comes naturally to believe that a person who listens to music are so sexually inclined. People who listen to music out loud have more sex well according to that article.

I like to listen to music especially when I expect to engage in sex play. The song I’m listening to now, that I can’t get enough of is Rihanna “Sex With Me”. It has women sexual liberation written all over it. It’s important for a woman to express her sexual skills.

Sex with me, so amazing

All this all work, no vacation

Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation

Sex with me, sex with me, sex with me

So amazing, so amazing, mmmm

You know I got the sauce (sauce), you know I’m saucy

And it’s always wet, a bitch never ever had to use lip gloss on it

I’mma need you deeper than six, it’s not a coffin

We’re not making love, tryna get nasty

Wrap up your drugs, come make me happy

Sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll feel alright

The sex doesn’t get any better, make it long, let it be all night

I know, I know, I make it hard to let go

Tonight, all night, I’m Monroe

Even if I’m alone.


Of course these would be my favorite verses, it’s just that Scorpio in me. Take it anyway you like!!!!

Signing Off

Angelica Fetishes❤

I Feel You Breathing On Me


I feel you breathing on me
As my partner places my bra straps on my shoulders and hooks my back straps together

I can feel you breathing on me 
as he holds my panties out in front of him and I place each leg in one at a time

I can feel you breathing on me 
as he slides my panties up covering the area your so eager to play with

I can feel you breathing on me
As he places that sexy outfit over my body preparing me to come play with you

I can feel you breathing on me
As I Lean into my partner to kiss him and palm his buldge in my hands , as he whispers in my ear

Its hard thinking about me fucking you at our spot the Congress

I can feel you breathing on me 
As I take that drive with excitement to come see you

Your breath is on me 

as i walk into room 2030. 

Your breath is on me 

As you disrobe my body for your enjoyment as well as mine

Your breath is on me
As you whisper in my ear demand i put my tits on the glass.

Your breath is on me
As you take me and bend me over and spread each leg apart, i ask what are you doing and you slide that pink muscle in me; 

shit, i can no longer speak

Your breath is all over me

You have too much control