I’m So Unruly……

I’m so unruly 
I make breast prints on the glass window, are you watching me from your car
I’m so unruly
I let him taste the kitty with the doors open in the skyscraper in The City That Never Sleeps.
I’m so unruly
I’m tempted to fuck him in the bed he shares with her
I’m so unruly
I’m tempted fuck you in the bed I share with him
I’m so unruly
As Im between your legs your on the phone talking to her telling lies about where you are this weekend:
Well, In PA with me of course

I’m so unruly
I let you watch him lick me , kiss me, stick me in Le Trapeze before those doors permanently closed 
Oh!!! your so fucking hot when you act jealous

Im so unruly
I watch a sex tape of you and your girl while you sit next to me gasping for my critique and thoughts
Im so unruly
I want you to attack me with your lips,  press them up against mine, I don’t want to breathe, I want to suck you all in
Im so unruly
I video tape his third leg crowning the back of my throat. Damn your dick so hard watching that video of me and him.
You like that baby

Damn bad bitches are so fucking unruly….


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