Title Chapter: Ammunition


Once upon a time there was this Latino couple that enjoy using people as puppets in their sex lives.  A couple with no boundaries on each other free to enjoy and conquer others without any constraints on their marriage. Another words: Free to fuck whoever they like.

She is this hot sexy Columbian vixen with fair complexion almond shape hazel brown eyes with enticing lips, D size cups, with a pear shape body and a round ass. She plays her role of having sex with men and women of her spouses chosen. He is this very sexy Guatemalan male stallion , with amazing biceps and very perfectly shapes lips. You could tell that he worked out often because of those muscular arms. He can be best described as a shorter version of The Rock. This stallion has some crazy ways. He would sliver into woman lives like a snake waiting for its prey waiting to innoculate you with his venom.  He enjoys thinking that you are truly satisfied with his sexual moves, most of their playmates think that he is an amazing lover and they enjoy talking dirty with him. Other swingers have even posted on their swingers profile how pleased they were. They love to explore with single females and other couples. They live the most kinkiest lifestyle truly on the low

They like to hit various swing club circuits like the DejaVu Lounge and strip clubs called the Satin Dolls. Apparently they were frequent flyers of these establishment and well known. They are an exciting couple to flirt with and have your fantasy fulfilled and genuine friendship is born. Or so you think.
This couple has a knack for preying on others that and you have no clue as to what they are really like. Or what the hell your getting yourself into. Three years of friendship you oh so Eveee thought. But she found herself in a web of lies. Eveee cherished what she considered was a friendship, and during all this time Luis and his wife Stehany had other plans to be manipulative and deceiving. Eveee was in for a rude awakening.
More to explore on this story. Read the chapter The Start of a Beautiful Friendship next.


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