We Vibe Review

Babeland Official Store, We-Vibe Classic Plus, Vibrators, 2827

This is the We Vibe Classic. This little gadget comes in various funs colors. It comes in black , pink and purple. I have a purple one. There possibly may be other colors but I have not seen them. This vibrating system is made for two to have a little fun. The We Vibe has 10 mode settings. So that you can custom create your own compilations of that vibrations. It comes  with a discreet storage set and remote. What’s so interesting about this little gadget is that it has an app that your partner can place on their phone and gain access and set you on this vibrating roller coaster. It is a fun device when used solo. It’s suppose to have a flexible fit. It is made out of a material called medical silicone to prevent any discomfort.

This little object I expected to wow me. The wow factor not so great.  I like the concept of this device. However, I did not feel it was practical using it in sync with my partner. During this highly anticipated night of fun. This device was added for pleasure and my partner was added, well for pleasure. During intercourse there was too much friction and the device kept sliding out.  My partner lost interest. Well in the device not me of course. We decided that we will use it as a foreplay tool. I will position it and they will control it.

You can purchase this device at Babeland stores or website, and the We Vibe website.

I hope this review was helpful..

Happy Trails!!!!!!!

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