Submissive Men? Summit to My Will DAMMIT



She is a sexual being that creates various modes of fantasy. She is this dominate being with a bag of surprises.

She is so dominate with her partner that she takes control. There are only rare times that she is a delicate flower. Those are the times that she may be lit up, needy, and horny, but still a delicate flower.

But when she transform in to bad bitch mode, it’s a feeling that most men want to be a part of. The unruly is feeling her wild animal instincts soar, when she is feeling the drug of dominate behavior, being in control takes over her and then she takes control of you. She makes that partner come into the room and remove their clothing layer by layer by her command only.

Oh he does not know what he’s in for.

She has him on the bed on all fours begging to be touch by her. She works him into frenzy, by placing her purple wet lips all over that D. She tests the waters even more. As he yearns to feel her, she makes him wait.

She spanks him on his ass with light strokes and places him in a submissive bondage laying him down and tying up his hands. She spanks him harder until his beige skin is colored with a burst of red. He is intrigued with excitement and thinks he can anticipate her every move.

She once again inhales his D, the mouth to Dick resuscitation, slowly moving that D back and forth from the back her throat to the brink of her teeth producing a substantial amount of spit, she wets that dick all up.

She has a surprise waiting for him she has him close his eye and has him open his mouth as she unveils her strap on she has named KING KONG. She places King Kong on his the tips of his lips and command him to lick. He does what she tells him to do and once he feels what it is he is a little apprehensive but he follows her command as if his whole world depended on it. She slips KING KONG in his mouth he takes it in as she speaks to him in that manner that he only accepts from her. Taste it, feel it, you like that, she has this seductive swag in her voice that gets him excited and he will do anything she says. It’s their little secret, no one will know.

The dominate Goddess unties his hands and lets him take control as he sucks it, kiss it devours it and then removes the strap on and places his dick inside the her. Who’s in CONTROL NOW BITCH!!

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