Vagina LIFE


Does the sound of the word vagina sound interesting to you?

  1. Passageway for menstrual flow
  2. Receptacle for a penis for ejaculated sperm
  3. Passageway for the birth of a baby

According to the sex atlas the vagina cleans itself. Women should avoid douching and vaginal sprays. The vagina contains mucous crypts and many blood vessels. There are no gland but a little bit of nerve endings. Vaginas are supposed to adjust to the size of the penis that enter those walls, whether they are large or small in size. After childbirth or aging vaginas can becomes too relaxed for any penis size. At times, the vagina can become too tight to penetrate. When there are vaginal spasms it is called Vaginismus. The vagina is usually a flexible orifice it can be better develop with Kegel exercises.

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