Semen Allergy

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Hello Angelica Fetishes

I seem to break out and itch every time I engage in sex with my male partner. Is there such a thing as an allergy to cum/semen and if so how is it treated?

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Hello DiGi

The answer is yes,

Semen allergies are unusual cases of allergic reactions. It’s one in which it is very rare in people that suffer from this sensitivity. This affects 20,000 to 40,000 Americans. Both men and women are affected by this vulnerability. It is rare for this allergy in women but even rarer for men. Men can also be allergic to their own sperm.

The allergic reaction is usually to the proteins in the seminal fluid. The medical term for this allergic reaction is seminal plasma hypersensitivity. It is not clear whether the allergy is to all semen or just to the semen of the partner at the time of diagnosis.

People that are hypersensitive to semen suffer from genital burning, itching, and for women swelling of the vaginal lips and walls. The symptoms at times are mistaken for STD’s. There are some cases in which the allergic reaction can cause the person to break out into hives and as well as causing respiratory complications and the person may even stop breathing and go into anaphylactic shock.

The best way to avoid this reaction is to use condoms. Another form of treatment is to desensitize the semen. To take very necessary precautions this has to be done in a facility or environment in which a medical doctor is conducting this treatment. During this treatment the doctors begins to expose the patient to semen very little at a time. The doctors work their way up to the baseline amount of semen, which is about a teaspoon. When they no longer have or suffer very minimal allergies complications to the semen they then become desensitized. Then going forward they can continue to engage in sex.

 This may cause some concern conceiving the tradional way. When trying to conceive while allergic to your embryo donor semen can cause some difficulty. However,  the semen can be artificially inseminated after the semen is washed  and cleansed of its proteins. The research on semen allergies  are very minimal to say the least. Hopefully there will be continued research on this subject.

I hope this post has answered your questions to your liking. Thank you for your question!


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