Work Her The Fuck Out

You taunt me as you walk through the door of my gym

I see you watching me

Every move I make 

Every step I take 

I’ve never seen you in my gym before

Your physique tells me your not new to the gym

I’m a little uncomfortable and fascinated at the same time 

As I sit doing my leg extension 

I can feel my panty strip weakened by every bit of moisture from Kit Kat.

I head to the bathroom 

He follows me

He lunge at me and pulls my pony tail his light beige skin is glowing over my unruly mocha beauty. 

He yanks my hair harder, my head falls back my lips rises up

My lips automatically gets in a pucker position and he press his lips hard against mine

Vertigo kicks in 

I lose my balance 

He pulls me closer to his body to keep me from falling

My sweat is all over his body

He placed his hands in my spandex workout pants

I’m overwhelmed and extremely aroused

I briefly thought about someone walking in

Once he used those fingers to play with my clit 

Once he used those two fingers and thrusted them in Kit Kat 

I was under his spell 

I no longer had fear 

I was under his control 

I submit to his every will

My moans became more louder 

And intense 

He whispered in my ear and told me his dick was hard

I reach down and felt that bulge

He demanded me to take my panties off 

As he slid his two fingers passed his 


He took a whiff and said my smell was intoxicating 

My pussy sweat in combination vanilla rice milk scent.

He placed my panties in his pocket and walked out the gym..