Does Inking Have Sex Appeal


Does the art of inking have some sex appeal? If so, is there some type of persona or stereotype about people with tattoos. In some instances it has been reported that women that have tattoos on the lower extremities of their bodies are considered promiscuous and loose. Tattoos began thousands of years ago they were derived from the Polynesian word Ta which means striking something, and the Tahitian word Tatau, which means to mark something. The Egyptians used tattoos as a form of healing and a sign of punishment, how ironic that they were found mostly on women.
Today inking oneself is a form of self-expression. What we choose to have permanently scarred on our bodies should be an expression of one’s life and/or beliefs. I find tattoos to be a sexual appealing aspect, I’m not sure if I would go as far to state that I’m a stigmatophilia. In the last week or so, I recently got a new tattoo. Tattoos are  attractive, depending on what the tattoo is and where it’s strategically placed. I think this is a subject to return to upon my blogging journey, once I compile information from others on their thoughts on tattoos as a sexual expression or attraction.
Do you find tattoo sexually appealing or become aroused by them?
Signing Off 

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