Forgiveness From Within

This is the time of the year to forgive, to move on and exonerate the wrongdoers in your life. I have done so. It takes too much energy to be angry with others. I’m completely free to be open and be me.
A new year is a new beginning and I’m going to embrace it with every fiber my being. All the negative energy on my mind and body I SHAKE IT OFF.  

I’m going to indulge in my dreams follow them, and work my hardest to make them happen. I will keep writing because it keeps me sane and of course on my favorite subject sex and randomness etc etc….

I’m so in the Christmas spirit. Im taking a few days off from work to spend with family. This is my favorite time of the year.

I would like to wish all my readers and followers a very Happy Holiday. 

Peace, Love , Happiness ❤️



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