Being Filthy at the STOP sign

Today She made a full stop at the STOP sign . As she recognized the block she was on, her client had just giving her directions to their destination. She was laughing at a joke with her client and then she suddenly froze

She past this all dark brick house with the white door. She looked back and recognize the street sign says Monroe and Jefferson. She freaks out inside

Then all these memories of moments came flooding her brain She had not thought about these details excitedly in months.

Her libido kicked in and her panties became instantly wet as she tapped into her medial temporal lobe her recollection of this intense night began to filter through.

She had flashbacks of entering those doors of that brick house and being so nervous. At the same time her excitement was triggered. She was faced with being caught in the house by his partner and this intriguing arousal came over her with the thought of fucking him in their bed.
After he gave her the tour of his home
They began kissing at the bottom of the stairs, he shoved his tongue down her throat she almost swallowed his mint gum.

Her nipples began to perk and become hard, they both began heavy breathing as they continued to kiss. She briefly thought about his woman joining them for a sexual escapade.

He started to massage her breast and kiss her neck and chest area. He ran his tongue across the tattoo on her shoulder

She just wanted him to strip her and throw her down on the staircase and  rip her clothes apart.

Instead he slowly walks her over to thier couch, and contiues to give her mouth to mouth massage,  he sits her down and places his hands on her face holding the chin higher to place more pressure with his kiss.

He slowly slides down her body onto the floor and procedes to pull her purple pants down along with her yellow and black Victoria Secret PINK panties.

He spreads her legs apart and placss his head between her thighs

He’s kissing the inside of his thigh. He has thought this moment for years the thought of being beligerently nasty with her in his home.

He continues to kiss her thighs then he breaths lightly and says can I smell your pussy, I want to lick it.

She takes his bald head and guides him as she rubs his head placing it in position for him to get familiar with her southern region

She wants to loose her inhibitions and stop thinking about his woman coming through the door. For the moment she says fuck it and forces him lower to munch down and pleasure her,

He slowly rolls his tongue up every crevice of her Kit Kat, and slowly brings it back the other, her essence is dripping off his lips and he licks his bottom lip like he has been thirsty for days.

She can’t contain her beast and grabs him by the head and tells him to lick it slow and press his tongue hard against her pussy. She becomes so forceful she didnt think about letting him come up for air to breathe. She just wants him stimulate that clit like its his job

her clit become engorged,  she is making these uncontrollable moaning sounds that makes his dick hard, She is about to put his dick in her mouth,

Then a loud HORN coming from the car behind  her car startles her from her day dream and the client is yelling at her to turn right onto the next block , asking what is wrong with you………


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