This is what I know

I know that some may feel that what I blog about is distasteful and alarming however ones sexuality and expressions of is a natural form of behavior. We use it to communicate what we desire, which is believed to be connection. Connecting with others as well as oneself. I created this blog to vent, share something that I have learned or my point of view, and creativity. Yes yes, I know sex is suppose to be for procreation however those same desires do not die down after we have children, it’s funny, they intensify.  

We as society continue to engage in sex long after we stopped having children. Most people sex life actually gets better over time. All those erotic fantasies are being craved and they need an outlet.

Ever since I was 19 I have enjoyed exploring my brain in this world of human sexuality. It gives me so much pleasure to read, talk, and write about sex. I have become more & more fascinated with sex. Trying to understand human behavior, the anatomy, filling my head with knowledge of all sexually transmitted infections, and actually having two favorite infections that I enjoy studying. So yes I’m very intrigued by it all.

A long time somewhere in my teens, I use to watch this show on the Lifetime network named Late Date with Sari, thinking I want to be like her when I grow up. She sat down with men and women and they discussed their sex lives. They exposed themselves to her and the part of the country that was up that late. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing.  

I’m an open-minded individual when it comes to the sex forum. However I draw the line when sex is use to mentally, emotionally and physically harm others. Those that use the act with children, well you cannot begin to fathom how much that fuels destruction and hatred within myself.  

I’m very passionate when it comes to the very nature of sexuality. I believe all should take a stand for what your passionate about in life. The mortality rates is increasing all around . So much negativity is flashing in the media all the time. We are faced with the fact that every minute of life is on borrowed time. Ones sexuality should be their way to tune out the rest of the world and focus on themselves or the person they are with. 

Signing off, 

Angelica Fetishes


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