More Valuable Than Vagina.

So I have been listening to this couple called The Amazing Clarks they are based in Long Beach California and they had a live feed on Facebook. It was directed at men.
For the men : What’s more valuable than getting in that vagina.

Can anyone guess?
Any takers?
Its your freakin peace of mind.
Be honest if your single, be honest if your married. Be honest with the chick, tell them
that your only interested in sex. Give them the chance to decide whether want to continue in the sexcapade. Be honest with your wife if you engaged in any form of activity outside of the marriage. I’m not saying she will not be hurt, upset , or baking you that special arsenic chocolate cake. But she can count on your honesty and you to be open with her.
I choose truth always….
WOMEN: Dont lie to me, I can be the biggest psycho Biiiiiaaaaatcchhh
On that note
Whats more valuable then getting that vagina?


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