Valetine’s Day Play

I’m not big on Valentine day being the one day focused on expressing your love, crush, or sexual desire for an individual or individuals. Everyday love, seduction, lust, or a crush should be expressed to those that capture your heart, or your physical desire. But most likely many of us do not have the time to express it as often as we like. So we take part in the activities of this day.But those of you that really get a kick out of Valentine’s day, Think of some fun activities that you normally don’t do.

One that is a completely different type of spice is Shibari. Shibari is a Japanese artistic form of rope bondage. It was originated in Japan 1400 to 1700 from Hojo-jutsu the martial art of restraining captives. During the late 1800’s to early 1900 Hojo-jutsu evolved to the art of erotic bondage  called Kinbaku. You can purchase bondage rope on You can tie your partner up in that special fiery knot. Great foreplay!!!!!!
Another fun activity Create a sex spell poem, Or love poem for your partner or partners. All parties involved can create one.

Or one of my favorites to Create a tasty exlixir for your partner or partners. Even though your just creating a tasty drink to perhaps lower their inhibitions it’s fun to to be creative with you imagination.

I think bubbly drinks tickle. Get some Amaretto, ginger ale and a thick slice of lime. Measure acoording to your prefernce. It will get you all worked up to have some fun.
Happy Trails


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