What I did For Sex!!

What I did for Sex
Ok Angelicafetishes@gmail.com received an email Regarding 

What we do for Sex;

My boyfriend was feeling quite horny and his jizz was in need to be torpedoed and create mass destruction with me as the target. He wanted to launch his war head so badly. So I thought I make him work for it.  I had him draw me a bath wash me up in all the delicate places and then I told him to drink my bath water. He looked at me as if I smeared my menses across his face.

But What’s so funny, he did it.

And then I gave him that relief that he oh so needed.

It made me curious as to What others couples do for Sex or exchange for sex…


Hi Crimson
I’m sure many couples do crazy, weird, and simple things in exchange for sex.

  Let’s see what I’ve heard, getting your mate to clean the house, go shopping with you or buy adult toys.

I even heard of Friends with benefits that went out on a blind date with another friend as a favor in exchange for sex. 

Trading sex for something can be fun. But not everyone is interested in playing that game. 

But I’m all for ways of keeping it spicy!!

Happy Sex Trails!!
Angelica Fetishes


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