Red Panties

Him: Come here

Her: Yes daddy

Him: I want you 

Her: oh you do huh

Him: what color are your panties

Her: Red, Why?

Him: What type of panties are they

Her: Red, Boy Cut, Victoria Secret Pink brand that reads on the backside “UP ALL NIGHT”

Him: Yum, I want you to wear them all day and make them sweaty with your essence 

Her: eew really, I just came from the gym 

Him: even better, I love the smell of your sweat it unique 

Her: they are going to smell like vanilla rice milk with sweat

Him: when you take them off, don’t wash them

Her: What should I do with them

Him: place them in a ziploc bag

Her: and then what would you like me to do with them daddy

Him: I want you to bring them to my job

Her: and then what

Him: I will leave my car window cracked open and you slip those panties through the the window, so when I get back to the base, I can smell you all night. Then the next day at work out your panties in my pocket and carry them all day at work.

Her: your so kinky daddy 

Your wish is my command.


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