Today She Has A Mouth Fetish

Today she has a mouth fetish
She dips her forefinger in sugar and gently rubs it across his teeth 

She dips her forefinger in honey and smears it all over his lips

She grabs a slice of lemon tilt his head back 

and squeeze it

Let the juice roll down the side of his mouth 

She takes her tongue and licks the corner crack of his lips

Oh it taste sour and bitter

Her bottom lips caress his mouth 

Her mouth feels so sticky and sweet against his soft lips. 

She uses her tongue to pry open his lips Glides her tongue over his pearly whites as those sugar crystals melt in her mouth.

He slowly placed his teeth on her bottom lip and delicately bit them

She inhaled his breath and passionately kissed him firmly.

She slid her hand down from his face over his pecs, over his stomach pass his waist to his stiff boner. 

She stated “my job is done”!!



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