Friday Night Car Ride Freaks Part 1

Friday Night Car Ride Freaks Part 1
On the way home from ER Dana was feeling frisky. As her man was driving her home she began to look at him with this sultry stare. She felt hunger for a sexual activity. She turn to look out the passenger side window with this overpowering desire to shout at her man to take his one eye snake out of his pants so she can work him into a sexual frenzy. To her surprise he did it. Dana’s man is never spontaneous and he is not as sexual and freaky as she is. But he is good to her and a wonderful provider and she never has to want for anything. The only difference is their sexual appetite. They are not even close to being the same.

Her honey whipped it out and Dana began to stroke it. She handle that snake with smooth strokes, she gripped the top all the way up to his frenulum and back down that chocolate shaft. He was driving along a two lane road, trying not to run into the guard rails.

Dana lean across the armrest to fill her mouth with his shaft but the seatbelt would not give 

His tip only grazed her lips.

She wet those lips as much as possible. She adjusted the belt as much as she could and place his cock in her mouth half way down the shaft and he began to breath heavy and moaned. 

He held her head below with his right hand while his left hand on the steering wheel 

as she made sucking sounds he became so excited

He swerved a little. She immediately sat up

And she shout what the hell dude.

He said oops I’m sorry that’s what happen when you got me hard and worked up.

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