Friday Night Car Ride Freaks Part 2


Friday Night Car Ride Freaks Part 2She laughed, as she lifted her denim dress over her waist as she took her good leg and placed in on the dashboard in the window and reached down to slide her panties to the side and began to stimulate her Kit Kat.

She licked her pointer finger and rotated her finger in a circular motion from her right hand and reached over and stroked his shaft with her left hand. He said oooh D this is so hot you are so fucking frisky.

She said who’s your bad bitch as he sighed you are, she said say it louder, whose your bad bitch 


Dana stroked him even more. He used his right hand to pat her pussy she got so excited to hear those smack sounds.

Her Boo looked at Dana briefly and said 

You know I’m to fuck the shit out of you tonight.

Dana replies yes I know Daddy, Bring it



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