Why I’m open about SEX

So I’m a very outspoken individual, period. I usually like to take some time to think before I have an opinion or at least blurt it out. But sex, sex is truly something that I can talk about and listen to for an extensive period of time.  I’m a no judgment, open minded free spirited kind of gal. My friends and strangers talk to me about their sex life all the time. I make them feel comfortable so they can come to me whenever they need.

 One of the reasons that I’m pretty much this comfortable is probably because of my mom and grandma. They were comfortable talking to me about sex. I always called my mom our in home exhibitionist. She always walked around our home freely in her pure nakedness. She always told us this is her body and her home and she can walk around as she pleases. She always stated that our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of.  My brothers were use to it. Seeing a naked woman did not phase them.  They were too comfortable at times. In my late teen years they use to come sit on the toilet and tell me some story about a chick they dated or some problem they had while I was taking a shower. I always said hello I’m naked here. They would always say like we never seen a chick body before, hello look at ma!!  I guess that says it all.

My grandmother was another story, she use to have comments about sex all the time.  She was a shocker to me and my friends. When I became older and sexually active my grandmother once said to me that I walked around different. Apparently I had HAPPY FEET. Lol.  She stated that my new boyfriend must be doing me well. Im like graaannnndmaaaa oh my god. I was cracking up, lol.   I couldn’t believe it, this God fearing church going woman talked this way. She was very realistic and down to earth.  I truly miss her.  Sex is a natural part of life and no one should be made to feel weirded out about expressing themselves. 


5 thoughts on “Why I’m open about SEX

  1. You definitely emit the vibe you share in this post…in the very best way. Your thoughtful and very sexy 😘 Your bathroom scene was hilarious! Walking around naked is one thing, others coming in and taking care of business is another, lol!

  2. Sex is a very interesting topic. I see so many repressed folks in society, I always think or wonder how their life would change if they had someone special in their lives that were able to make them feel loved, secure and able to relax enough to get truly nailed and cum with great abandon.
    I honestly ponder about this type of thing while strolling around and observing people in the street..

    1. Thank you for checking out the blog and commenting. I enjoy reading others thoughts on the topic of sex. I also observe people and wonder how they connect in their intimate relationships. Do they feel confident in them to explore? The best is when you can engage in conversations with others about their sex life. Please continue to stop by my blog and let me know your thoughts. Thank you!!

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