My Pillow Time (Masturbation)

My pillow time!!

My piiilllooow time!!

My pillow time!!
Im sure everyone thinks back to their first time when they were exposed to that arousal feeling on their own, as a youth, a teen, or adult. Was it before you engage in sexual intercourse like many others. Were you scared to self pleasure because of those little stories that your parents, or the elders use to tell as you were growing up.  I’m sure we heard them all. 

Do you remember the transition from your youth to adulthood in the items that you used to self stimulate. Well for me it was my pillow time, i treasured it to lead me towards my sleep time. As I matured it became other item like vibrators. 

Masturbation is usually ones first sexual experience. It is a normal part of growing. Most of us continue into adulthood. Do you remember your first time or even your last time you self explored. 

I hope everyone engaged in Masturbation Month 

Don’t forget May 28 is national masturbation day.😈😈.

Happy Trails!!

❤️ Angelica Fet!!’

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