Miss Miss Miss

Am I your pretty diva 

Am I your dirty whore

Am I guilty because I have you wanting more

You tie me down to your bed of seduction 

Then slide my panties aside as you eat me to the floor

You beg for my special elixir of pleasure

You can’t get enough 

 I’m on your brain

I touched your body you went quite insane

Your fist fighting fire

Because the struggle is real 

Your captivated by my sex appeal

This has ended with a deep sultry kiss

Now go over and be with the other miss miss miss
-Angelica Fetishes

Lust Post

Lust Poem
Can you picture me:

Just getting out of the shower freshly shaved and feeling Soft and smelling like vanilla rice milk.

Can you picture me:
Moisturizing my skin as each hand filled with cream, gliding the cream up and down each leg

Can you picture me:
With your hands taking slow strides up my long legs, but Do i stop you from going further and touching something that your so eager to feel

Can you picture me:
As I place my white tank top over these perky nipples all hard in attention formation, As I glide my fitted boy shorts over my ass

Fitting ever so tightly and snug

Can you picture me:
With my toes and feet so soft and smooth as the satin sheets

Can you picture me:
Toe nails painted pale pink appearing so clean you can’t wait to devour them in your mouth.

Can you picture me:
At the doorway to your room

Waiting for you to remove all my clothes and then take me and force your loving in me

Can you picture me:
Losing control as I feel your thrust inside me as we both enter that so desired orgasmic land

Can you picture me:
Preparing all over again in wait of your return.
-Angelica Fetishes

History for me

I come from a long family line of matriarchs. Women in my family were the head of the households. They worked hard to provide for the family and made all the decisions. They were examples of empowerment and sisterhood. They were not perfect, but they were strong. They were a forced to be reckon with, a display of women liberation. They also took control of their sexual empowerment and freedom. I was taught that women should be in control and making their own sexual choices.
I believe this has contributed to my devotion to study sexuality in every form of relationships. Ex. Polyamory, LGBTQ, Kinky, Singles, Monogamous, Married. I also Follow sexual and erotic art. Ex. photography, writings, poetry. Sex is such a natural state never be ashamed of it.

Signing off -Angelica Fetishes