Lust Post


Lust Poem
Can you picture me: 

Just getting out of the shower freshly shaved and feeling Soft and smelling like vanilla rice milk.

Can you picture me:
Moisturizing my skin as each hand filled with cream, gliding the cream up and down each leg

Can you picture me: 
With your hands taking slow strides up my long legs, but Do i stop you from going further and touching something that your so eager to feel

Can you picture me: 
As I place my white tank top over these perky nipples all hard in attention formation                As I glide my fitted boy shorts over my ass

Fitting ever so tightly and snug

Can you picture me:
With my toes and feet so soft and smooth as the satin sheets

Can you picture me:
Toe nails painted pale pink appearing so clean you can’t wait to devour them in your mouth.

Can you picture me: 
At the doorway to your room

Waiting for you remove all my clothes and then take me and force your loving in me

Can you picture me:
Losing control as I feel your thrust inside me as we both enter that so desired orgasmic land

Can you picture me:
Preparing all over again in wait of your return.
                    -Angelica Fetishes 


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