Naughty Christmas in July

Naughty Christmas in July
Christmas in July

Is Christmas without snow

Christmas in July 

Is not difficult as you know

Christmas in July

Im on Santa pre Naughty List

Christmas in July

I end that with one peck below with a kiss

Christmas in July

I run naked through the trees

Christmas in July

Just one touch from him and I’m down on my knees.

Christmas in July

All the elves are just the right height 

Christmas in July 

To get gang bang by the twilight 

Christmas in July 

My stockings will be filled with vibrators and dildos 

Christmas in July 

And host of other toys I suppose 

Christmas in July 

will now come to an end 

Christmas will return in December where it all will begin again. 

(C) -Angelica Fetishes 

Ladies Don’t be green, celebrate the woman in your life.

There are woman that continue to say they want the life of that other woman because she looks perfect with her man and her 2.0 children.  It may look perfect but believe me long term relationships and marriages take a significant amount of work and time. I may like a person house, shoes, or like the relationship that may have with their significant other or their children. But I never say I want their life or be like them. I love me!!!! I make my own happiness.

Ladies if you ever find yourself without a man because of divorce, or you have remained single because the relationships you were in  have plateaued, please don’t ever feel that your insignificant because of the lack of a man in your life. I watch woman shut down for long periods of time or try to change themselves for that man who is undeserving of them. I always with tiredless effort want to swoop in and support woman.  We all make mistakes in life but we learn from them and move on.
My point is, we have moments when our self esteem is low and we struggle with depression, but the best is when we pick ourselves up again and brush our shoulders off.  We should  always set goals for ourselves, never keep doors closed there can be new possibilities waiting for you. 

Mocha MYLF (momyoulike2fuck) part 2

Once Tali completed her profile she didn’t have too many hits. There was a banner across her profile that displayed members that looked at her profile. Tali checked out some of the other member’s profile. She checked out this one profile of a black male age 39, she could not see his face but he was clearly naked. He allowed MochaMYLF to view his full profile and with all his glory hanging deep. Talk about Whoa! Ouch! and Yum! This guys profile was all about him hanging deep. Not too long after Tali received an email from Mr. Goodbar (His profile name) saying I see you peekin and not speakin. Tali had to laugh to herself. Tali had stopped going to the site for a little over two weeks and then returned. Tali had started getting email request on her profile to join various groups and communities. She thought they seemed cool and she accepted their invite. She was quickly invited to many parties and events for people in the lifestyle. She became excited by the themes in which these parties occurred. There was the all white party, lace and leather, masquerade, and to her astonishment a BBC (Big Black Cock). Tali thought I could get use to this shit.

Tali decided to post a picture in her bikini from her neck to her tata’s. Those breasts looked amazing they were just glowing, begging to be touched and sucked. Her picture caught the attention of both guys and girls. They flocked to her account straightaway. Tali savored the attention but overwhelmed with the constant direct messages she received and the messages went a little something like this:


Hey Sexy; Hi your breast are amazing; I saw your profile and I had to contact you; I just want to bury my face between those hot Tities; Hi Sexy; I just love your caramel skin; Hi sexy I saw your profile I just had to contact you. Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi Hi!

Fellow members continued to bombard her IM with messages of interest. She began to talk with a few. It was a little arousing and nerve wrecking at the same time. She couldn’t keep up with all the IM’s. There were some she had made a connection with and after looking at their profile she was even more interested. There was one that caught her eye. He was like white chocolate. He didn’t appear to be very tall but pictures could not clearly define that unless they stood next to someone she knew. Tali just about drooled over his biceps and the thickness of his neck. His abs was all she could think of. They were well defined and chiseled.

He emailed her as well and dropped a short paragraph of his interest in her. He sent her a couple of pics. What she like the most that he did not start off sending her the dick pic. He asks if she was on LIC. She thought what the hell is a LIC? She didn’t want to ask, she didn’t want to appear clueless. As she looked it up, she responded that she did not have one, but she will see about setting one up. Tali thought cool, an app that you can connect with someone via text without giving out your phone number. You add their profile name to the chat session and once they respond you start texting. Tali remembered that she has another phone to use for this purpose. It was a prepaid phone that she picked up from Wally World, her nickname for Wal-Mart.


Using LIC was perfect. Tali began making connections with a couple of guys she text and exchanged pictures with. But this was all too new for her. She thought she would never converse with strangers, however she fantasize about doing so. She found their pictures attractive; once again these few did not send dick pics immediately. And Tali liked that. After awhile her friend began to send dick pics. She was amazed at the size of those white chocolates. Tali’s experience with white men did not have those sizes and dimensions in the penis department. There was one dick that caught Tali’s eye.

The owner name was Jack. Jack gripped his dick like he was proud to own that one eye snake. She can tell he was not circumcised and the veins were bulging in the shape of lightening bolts through that fat muscle. It was as if it needed a large supply of blood in order to support the dick action. Tali wanted to be the recipient of that thundering storm. She thought that cock could be havoc on her delicate flower. Ok Tali had to laugh at that thought. Her pussy was anything but delicate, and certainly not a flower. Tali started to imagine how she would straddle Jack lap forward facing him as she mount him slowly easing onto his dick to feel every crevice enter her. She feels the walls of her pussy melt when his frenulum enters. The frenulum is Tali’s favorite part the dick that she gives extra loving to orally, vaginally even when giving hand jobs. It is thee best part of the Jacks cock perfectly shaped with pink rounded connective tissues. Tali’s pussy was gaining moisture as she sat there staring at his dick snap. Jacks pubic area looked freshly shaved and cleaned just the way Tali likes it. Her text to Jack stated that she wanted to take long strokes with her tongue slowly against his shaft. Jack graciously accepted that invite and wanted to know when. Tali stated I’ll let you know when. Tali asked Jack what are you doing now. He responded just chilling. She said call me if you like to phone jerk. He texts back a phone jerk, what is that? Tali said I’ll be here touching myself while you’re at home stroking that dick that she is so eager to touch. Jack said oh that sounds like a plan. What’s your number Mocha MYLF? Tali gave her bat mobile line not her personal number mobile number for security reasons of course. Tali texted Jack 347 646 6466 and said hit me up. Tali suddenly heard her ring tone the song Sex with me is Amazing.

Tali answered: hello Mocha MYLF hotline.

Jack responded: hey,

Tali said: heeeeyy in her sultry voice. I’m sitting here looking at your dick pic

Jack said: damn your voice is so fucking sexy, what you have on.


Tali stated:

A G string that I tossed aside, I’m about to play with my brownish pinkish lips, with my pointer finger and rubbing vitamin E oil and slide it all over every nook and cranny. It feels so smooth don’t you wish you could touch it.

Jack Said:

Oh yeah baby I don’t just want to touch it, I want to take my tongue across the smooth textured nodules of your caramel pussy. I want to take my time and lick you with short stroke and ease into the long strokes

Tali Said:

You are making me so wet, I’m looking at my clit, imagining looking down at you putting your mouth on Kit Kat its as if I feel you breathing on her, your lips lightly graze my inner and outer layers they are swelling up with blood,

Tali begins to moan sounding like a sexy seductress

Jack Says: mmm you sound so nice, I like the way you moan, and all I can think about is getting my big dick in you, so that I can really hear you moan and call my name with that come-hither voice

Tali replied: Neither can I.

Jack Said: Well sexy I have to head back to work. I will LIC you throughout the day.

Tali Replied: I bet you will, catch you later.

(C) Angelica Fetishes







Mocha MYLF (momyoulike2fuck) part 1



Mocha MYLF (momyoulike2fuck)

Tali began craving that animalistic behavior that she had with an old playmate. She felt as if she was drowning in her own intense sexual urges. Tali’s world had just turned chaotic; her life has been turned upside. When Tali’s mental and emotional state is danger she uses sexual activities to keep the monster at bay. Whether, she is sexting, texting, or just engaging in sex itself it keeps her relaxed before having a meltdown. She sat on the edge of bed with her right foot taping against the floor. She appeared anxious and felt out of control. There are other ways Tali could calm this frenzy. Sometimes it is with shopping, food, alcohol and sex. Tali tried shopping did not work and she wanted to curb the food to maintain her figure. For the same reason she resisted the temptation to use alcohol to numb her. She kept looking at her laptop with intensity. Her finger nail at the edge of her teeth. Her nervousness was written all over her face. She finally said fuck it and grabbed the computer and began searching the web. In the search engine Tali wrote swinger life. She was astounded as how many sites and apps filter through her screen. She eliminated a few of those sites and chose a swing site that she thought was to her liking, with excitement she said Swing Life it is.



Tali decided to take that leap and signed up on the swinger website. There were too many decisions she had to figure out if she would be a free member, and what benefits are with that membership. She realized it was none to barely any if she wanted to use the site to her full advantage. She noticed there was a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month membership that had various fees. Tali did the math and realized she could do one flat fee for the lifetime membership and use whenever she wanted. She chose the lifetime membership. Tali started her search to see what type of mess she could get herself into. Tali scanned the site and looked at profiles of people in her area. As well as outside of her area fearful that she would be spotted at one of the Swing Life event by people that lived in her town, or worked with. Tali clicked on some of the profiles that caught her eye. She noticed people profiles pictures were above the waist with their face either fully clothed or bare, with their genitals blacked out. On your profile you’re given the opportunity to basically share who you are and what you want and like. Tali thought please just don’t put sex, please be more creative than that. Tali took her time to find out what profile name she would like to use. She paced around her room, hmm, what can be hot, fun and sexy. I got it she said MochaMYLF (momyoulike2fuck) a caramel skin momma you would like to fuck. Tali said out loud to herself, alright MochaMYLF it is.