Depressionville & Anxiety Junction

Depressionville & Anxiety Junction
As I read through so many articles, books, and magazines on people suffering with some form of mental illness, it’s hard to think about where we are in society. Life itself can be a struggle. We are dealing with a society in which a few participants thrive on causing violence, pain, and hurt on others. With all the news that flash before you on your devices, you then still have to deal with the bouts of your own personal life. Next stop; depressionville and anxiety junction. There about 15 million adults that suffer from depression.

I have seen what depression can do to people. I can count myself in that equation. To the woman, I know at times we lose ourselves especially after that wonderful miracle of birthing babies. We continue to try to stay afloat, but at times we slip under the tides. The struggle is real. 

There are so many treatments that aid in adapting to your different world. I often use breathing techniques and journal writing with my clients and patients. These are great therapeutic tools to use.

My outlet is also this blog. Talking about sex has always been a passion of mine. There other tools in my basket that I will discuss one day.

I’m fascinated about our human behavior and the ways in which we relate to each other, especially sexually.

So we will return to our regular program. However, every now and then I’ll do a mental health check.

-Signing off Afetishes…

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