Is it just me

Is it just me 
Is it just me or people find so many tedious things in life to complain about.
Lately, I have been reading articles, tweets, or postings about the word pornography. Oh hell people are just going in on pornography itself. 

Yes I’m fully aware that it is a continuous topic of battle from years passed to years to come. Never ending topic.  

To start, pornography is not a negative word. The media as well as people that like to impose their opinions on the rest of us and construe it as a critical downfall of society. Pornography is basically an explicit display of sexual activity. For the most part it is used as entertainment and yes Warning Warning the content may cause arousal or stimulation to your sex organs. 

But those of us that are sex enthusiasts; like that shit; don’t we!! I do! I enjoy porn. If I didn’t I would not have the nerve impose my view on others to say: hey you over there I’m watching you. STOP WATCHING PORN. 

It is harmful and destructive, it will destroy your marriage or committed relationships. Haha! I gotta laugh at this.

All Men do you know pornography undermines your respect for women. If you respect women all your life once you watch porn it will weaken and falter. 

Pornography it is not for everyone, and yes there are some individuals that are addicted to it, and there is some content that’s not for everyone. For example Brutal porn. However, there are actually men and women who fantasize about this behavior. Some prefer to watch it in porn then to act it out themselves. 

My point being it is your choice to engage in pornography. 

I consider porn a tool to use as an enhancement of that already passionate sex life.  I guess I should add my additional 2 cents to Use it wisely and well. 

Have at it!!!

Have fun with it!!!

-Signing off with Angelica Fetishes 

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