Mocha MYLF (momyoulike2fuck) part 1



Mocha MYLF (momyoulike2fuck)

Tali began craving that animalistic behavior that she had with an old playmate. She felt as if she was drowning in her own intense sexual urges. Tali’s world had just turned chaotic; her life has been turned upside. When Tali’s mental and emotional state is danger she uses sexual activities to keep the monster at bay. Whether, she is sexting, texting, or just engaging in sex itself it keeps her relaxed before having a meltdown. She sat on the edge of bed with her right foot taping against the floor. She appeared anxious and felt out of control. There are other ways Tali could calm this frenzy. Sometimes it is with shopping, food, alcohol and sex. Tali tried shopping did not work and she wanted to curb the food to maintain her figure. For the same reason she resisted the temptation to use alcohol to numb her. She kept looking at her laptop with intensity. Her finger nail at the edge of her teeth. Her nervousness was written all over her face. She finally said fuck it and grabbed the computer and began searching the web. In the search engine Tali wrote swinger life. She was astounded as how many sites and apps filter through her screen. She eliminated a few of those sites and chose a swing site that she thought was to her liking, with excitement she said Swing Life it is.



Tali decided to take that leap and signed up on the swinger website. There were too many decisions she had to figure out if she would be a free member, and what benefits are with that membership. She realized it was none to barely any if she wanted to use the site to her full advantage. She noticed there was a monthly, 3 month, or 6 month membership that had various fees. Tali did the math and realized she could do one flat fee for the lifetime membership and use whenever she wanted. She chose the lifetime membership. Tali started her search to see what type of mess she could get herself into. Tali scanned the site and looked at profiles of people in her area. As well as outside of her area fearful that she would be spotted at one of the Swing Life event by people that lived in her town, or worked with. Tali clicked on some of the profiles that caught her eye. She noticed people profiles pictures were above the waist with their face either fully clothed or bare, with their genitals blacked out. On your profile you’re given the opportunity to basically share who you are and what you want and like. Tali thought please just don’t put sex, please be more creative than that. Tali took her time to find out what profile name she would like to use. She paced around her room, hmm, what can be hot, fun and sexy. I got it she said MochaMYLF (momyoulike2fuck) a caramel skin momma you would like to fuck. Tali said out loud to herself, alright MochaMYLF it is.

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