Ladies Don’t be green, celebrate the woman in your life.

There are woman that continue to say they want the life of that other woman because she looks perfect with her man and her 2.0 children.  It may look perfect but believe me long term relationships and marriages take a significant amount of work and time. I may like a person house, shoes, or like the relationship that may have with their significant other or their children. But I never say I want their life or be like them. I love me!!!! I make my own happiness.

Ladies if you ever find yourself without a man because of divorce, or you have remained single because the relationships you were in  have plateaued, please don’t ever feel that your insignificant because of the lack of a man in your life. I watch woman shut down for long periods of time or try to change themselves for that man who is undeserving of them. I always with tiredless effort want to swoop in and support woman.  We all make mistakes in life but we learn from them and move on.
My point is, we have moments when our self esteem is low and we struggle with depression, but the best is when we pick ourselves up again and brush our shoulders off.  We should  always set goals for ourselves, never keep doors closed there can be new possibilities waiting for you. 

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