Does Inking Have Sex Appeal


Does the art of inking have some sex appeal? If so, is there some type of persona or stereotype about people with tattoos. In some instances it has been reported that women that have tattoos on the lower extremities of their bodies are considered promiscuous and loose. Tattoos began thousands of years ago they were derived from the Polynesian word Ta which means striking something, and the Tahitian word Tatau, which means to mark something. The Egyptians used tattoos as a form of healing and a sign of punishment, how ironic that they were found mostly on women.
Today inking oneself is a form of self-expression. What we choose to have permanently scarred on our bodies should be an expression of one’s life and/or beliefs. I find tattoos to be a sexual appealing aspect, I’m not sure if I would go as far to state that I’m a stigmatophilia. In the last week or so, I recently got a new tattoo. Tattoos are  attractive, depending on what the tattoo is and where it’s strategically placed. I think this is a subject to return to upon my blogging journey, once I compile information from others on their thoughts on tattoos as a sexual expression or attraction.
Do you find tattoo sexually appealing or become aroused by them?
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Angelica Fetishes


More Music More Sex


More Music More Sex

I read an article the other day that began to make me wonder about the role that music plays in my life, as well as others. . When I’m alone, I will turn it on in my home and dance it out in my underwear, when I’m in my car I blast it out of my car windows. I’m known for disturbing the peace. Music moves me on every occasion or aspect of my life. So it comes naturally to believe that a person who listens to music are so sexually inclined. People who listen to music out loud have more sex well according to that article.

I like to listen to music especially when I expect to engage in sex play. The song I’m listening to now, that I can’t get enough of is Rihanna “Sex With Me”. It has women sexual liberation written all over it. It’s important for a woman to express her sexual skills.

Sex with me, so amazing

All this all work, no vacation

Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation

Sex with me, sex with me, sex with me

So amazing, so amazing, mmmm

You know I got the sauce (sauce), you know I’m saucy

And it’s always wet, a bitch never ever had to use lip gloss on it

I’mma need you deeper than six, it’s not a coffin

We’re not making love, tryna get nasty

Wrap up your drugs, come make me happy

Sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll feel alright

The sex doesn’t get any better, make it long, let it be all night

I know, I know, I make it hard to let go

Tonight, all night, I’m Monroe

Even if I’m alone.


Of course these would be my favorite verses, it’s just that Scorpio in me. Take it anyway you like!!!!

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Angelica Fetishes❤

I’am Me


I don’t need anyone to silence me

I don’t need anyone to tell me how to think

I don’t need anyone to tell me how to feel

I don’t need you to persuade  me to think what you want me to think

I don’t need you to persuade me to feel what you think I should feel 

I don’t need you to justify who I’am 

I’am me I will always have a opinion

I’am me I will always confront you

I’am me I will never bow down or pretend to be something I’m not

I’am me I love to be loved

I love to be me

                     -Angelica Fetishes

He Can’t Keep His Hands Off Me


Another coversation with my friend that has been a well discussed conversation among girl talk.

We tend to feel better about ourselves when our hair is on fleek (perfection) and our bodies are improving because we are taking care of them and working them out.

Since my new Hair do and the ass has gotten tighter , my man can’t keep his hands off me. The compliments have been rolling off the tongue. Don’t get me wrong he always complimented me. But now it’s  with fierce intensity. But I have to play a little hard to get for the moment until I get the green light from Dr. B.

I brought this up because, as women we should always keep up our appearances. When we look good we feel good and confident about ourselves. You don’t have to be validated by a man or anyone else. But the attention is appreciated.

When you feel that you look good you will feel sexy and then it will be red light district in the bedroom. Lol

Especially when the kids are away🍹❤️😜😜😍😍😘😘

Always keep up what makes you feel and look your best. Sometimes it’s fun to post that sexy pic on social media.

I think I will…

Off to the gym I go!!!!

Singing off

A Fetish

In the Midst of Lust


Lust Poem
Can you picture me: 

Just getting out of the shower freshly shaved and feeling Soft and smelling like vanilla rice milk.

Can you picture me:

Moisturizing my skin as each hand filled with cream, gliding the cream up and down each leg

Can you picture me: 

As I place my white tank top over these perky nipples all hard in attention formation As I glide my fitted boy shorts over my ass Fitting ever so tightly and snug

Can you picture me:
With my toes and feet feel so soft and smooth as the satin sheets

Can you picture me:
Toe nails painted pale pink appearing so clean wait  for you to devour them in your mouth.

Can you picture me: 
At the doorway to your room Waiting for you to remove all my clothes and then take me and force your loving in me

Can you picture me: 
With your hands taking slow strides up my long legs, but Do i stop you from going further and touching something that your so eager to feel
Can you picture me:

Losing control as I feel your thrust inside me as we both enter that so desired orgasmic land

Can you picture me:
Preparing all over again in wait of your return.
                    -Angelica Fetishes 

Anniversary? What Anniversary?


So I just had a thought to put out in the universe 

does it mean anything if neither parties; husband or wife remembered that it was their wedding anniversary.

After 13 years of marriage and remembering every year and this year it was forgotten.

What triggered this post is the mechanical billboard I saw on my way to see a client.

It read:

I Love You Fran

Happy 14th Aniversary .

 It’s funny how you forget those things , that your so wrapped up in life or the lack of disconnections, that you no longer make those efforts to spark what you once had

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Replenish My Own Damn Cup


Replenish My Own Damn Cup
There comes a time in everyone’s life where you are like fuck you and everything that you do and what your about. 
When enough is enough 

When you cater to someone and everyone else’s need and leave your needs wayside. 

When people forget about the promises they made with you.
When they were never loyal to you, but you are always loyal to them, that it was like fucking over kill the loyalty you expressed time and time again. 

It’s hard when your employment is taking care of others, then you come home to take care others, then you have the audacity to take care of others outside of your home and your job.
What the F***

This is why your cup is constantly empty

No one ever replenishes it for you, you don’t even fill it your damn self.

Moving forward I will replenish what’s needed, and will be rocking to my own damn agenda’s.

Now I fill the cup for only two little people that need me to fill their cup.

To everyone else it’s deuces ✌🏽