End of the Week Paraphilia: Iantronudia


Iantronudia is :having some form of arousal when attending medical on for the sole purpose of arousal from exposing oneself to a physician usually by faking an ailment. There are some sexy doctors in medical land hmm can I become attracted to them enough to just schedule an appointment for no medical reason.  But if I get a chance to just be naked or in stirrups for pure excitement of engaging in some kinky fantasy sex, with a hot sex ass Doctor, hell yeah I would! 


Angelic Slut 




I can be a savage

I can be a beast

You wanna bring out the worst in me


I allow you to examine my body

Your not authorize for my mind

But you wanna be greedy

And take all

This time

When I play

I don’t play for keeps

When I misbehave

I take big leaps

My colorful kisses are amazing and taste exquisite

Once I stop planting them

You’re guaranteed to miss it

I’m an angelic slut

Being a seductress it’s in my personality, thoughts and touch

Is it a hardship being who I’ am and

Not being all I need

But I’m never the type to turn my back and leave

I Know

I Know

I crave Submission

I crave Dominance

I crave Kinky Bliss

I’m talented in that room

I know you get the gist

I can be savage

I can be a Beast

You bring out the worst but fun in me

©DR Angelica Fetishes