Self Explore

Self Explore

I woke up this morning thinking of you

I stayed home just be with you

We take care of each other

I grew fond of you

You leave me titillating and excited

The least bit blue

I sneak around just for us to be alone

At one time or another

Our cover was almost blown

Sharing these moment never entered my mind

Am I possessive

I touch you

It’s sends me tickled ready to burst

As my digits run through her coat of skin

There’s nothing dirty

I don’t call it sin

It just me and her and a gratifying grin

All alone she gives me power

To moan on my own

To use my electrical mate and devour

To leave me enjoying my creamy essence

I go to bed thinking of you.

Let Masturbation Month Beeeeegiiiiiin!!!!

Where the hell is my creative juices?

Where the is hell is my creative juices

I haven’t been able to create stories or poems to add to my blog or just to write in general. The ones I started writing, well they are not good enough to just vomit on my blog. I’m curious as to why I’m a little stifled with this. Is this because I’m lacking the motivation to be of a sexual mind or hell the fact that no one is tickling my fancy and getting my erotic juices flowing to inspire me.

Maybe working an extreme amount of hours is playing a role in my lack of creativity. By the time I get home it feels like someone threw a block of ice on my fire pit.

I enjoy writing especially about sex. I read about sex, and savor the words that are spilling off the screen or pages of my books. I’m hoping to have the time and inspiration, just in time for Masturbation Month. I’m looking forward to it!!!!




When I wear it

My blue lipstick

It‘s electric

You wanna smear it on me

You’re entangled

By my passion

You’re corrupted

By our bodies thrashing

Don’t wanna think

Don’t wanna be lonely

I hate it

If you’re being phony

Lacking in Loyalty

Skip That

In Need of deep stroke

And maybe deep throat

I let you in my dark

It’s where I

I dance my best

My routine will

Have you repeat yes, yes, yes

Hold nothing back

I pull you in

I relieve the pressure

Never feel guilt from within

It electric

They way you put it on me

It’s Electrifying

Sexual shock waves

So gratifying


©Angelica Fetishes DR



Clit KAT

When Im all alone.

I turn out all lights.

I prepare those items that send me to that wonderful universe of bliss.

This is my kingdom cum, my piece of paradise

Are you there with me?

Can you feel my anticipation, my excitement?

She gets excited as well.

She swells to her erect position

I study her shape, size, and needs

After all

I possess this Goddess

And control her fate

Especially when greeted with that one eye intruder

They call the snake

But this time Clit KAT goes solo

Fingers, vibrator and phone

Primary items for this solo act

Betty Dodson gave her a voice

Clit Kat is liberated

Clit Kat is in control

Clit Kat has confidence in the belly of her soul

Stimulating those 8000 nerve under her hood

And down her shaft

You have to go to this pudendum

To reach the inner chamber of her secrets

Be careful you’ll feel her wrath

She is there for me

And I’ am there for her

I love to pet

And trim her fur

I love this Chickpea

I give her what she needs

Especially when I run pantiless

And I let her




© Angelica Fetishes DR

The Land of My Tetas

The land of My Tetas

Soft and such a delight

He never wants me

To put up fight

Just to touch my Tetas every night

I’m always asked for that warm pressed embrace

Mainly by men

even by ones you think would have grace

When they distribute hugs

I can hear their waves of satisfaction those Moans, Grunts and Whispers

They Definitely do not squeeze me

As if I’m one of their sisters

But I understand

Because Breast are so amazing

I enjoy having mine

I touch them

In a bed

In a car

On a train

Even on a line

And definitely on a Plane

Each set is intoxicating in their own way

They move and jiggle

When its nippy they get hard

They are never in a position to be disregard

You can’t bear to not have them

For him it fulfill his mouth

He sucks


And lick

At that moment it not about his dick

He hurries to the bar or club

The world of Tatas is on his plate

When that question is ask there’s no debate

Tetas, Tits, Tatas, Breast, Bazooka, Sweater puppies, Hooters, Knockers, Jugs, Melons, Lactoids, Baby Feeder, Muchachas, The girls,

Naming them can go on for days

When their eyes are not up here

Their down below in a daze

Breast are exquisite whether clothed, semi clothed, or naked.

Reveal, pullout, or pinch one real soon

They always will make your day

Even if your hovering in gloom

Angelica Fetishes